Virtual Drupal NYC Meetup March 3rd, 2021 Recap

Virtual Drupal NYC Meetup March 3rd, 2021 Recap

I recently spoke during the Virtual Drupal NYC Meetup March 3rd, 2021 alongside some other great presenters. I think the content supplied was well versed and would be an asset to digest.

The complete video is here:


Avoiding agency nightmares when relaunching your website by Richard Chiriboga

We recently launched our new website, having re-built our Drupal 7 site on Drupal 8 without migrating content. There were some great moments and some that could have been avoided. Find out what those were in this Q&A-based talk.


10 minute Drupal web performance makeover by David Jeyachandran

We'll take a Drupal site and try and make it one of the fastest websites on the Internet - thanks to a few Drupal modules. We will use WebPageTest and Google's Lighthouse score to benchmark our frontend performance and then identify how we can make the site faster. Improving performance can be complicated and time-consuming but with the stopwatch running we'll see what difference we can make in just 10 minutes. At the end of this talk, you'll know how to identify potential performance improvements for your site and which modules to install. Using benchmarking you'll be able to demonstrate the before and after results of your changes.


Building a high availability environment for Drupal with Azure

by Diego Tejera

Microsoft Azure has grown in the last few years and it has proven that it is a solid platform to deploy and scale web applications. In this talk, we are going to show how to easily build an HA environment using the different Azure Services and setup automatic deployments using CI tools.